CraftPrint T02: Mini Wireless Thermal Sticker Master


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Introducing the “CraftPrint T02: Mini Wireless Thermal Sticker Master” – Your Creative Companion for Unique Printouts.

Product Highlights:

Unleash your imagination with the CraftPrint T02, a portable mini wireless thermal sticker printer that brings your creative visions to life. This pocket-sized powerhouse allows you to print captivating black and white images, texts, emojis, tables, and more on self-adhesive stickers, making it perfect for DIY projects, journaling, and beyond.

Key Features:

  • Versatile Printing Possibilities: CraftPrint T02 offers a world of creative options. Customize your printouts with pictures, texts, tables, and emojis to create truly unique results that express your style.
  • Effortless Scanning: Transform physical objects into digital versions for direct printing with the app. Say goodbye to tedious manual entries and save time while preserving your cherished memories.
  • Instant Photo Printer: Revel in the joy of printing various pictures directly from your phone. Turn your favorite moments into tangible keepsakes.
  • Template Wonderland: Access a variety of free templates that are regularly updated. Elevate your journaling game with these special designs, adding a personal touch to every page.
  • Text Printing Made Easy: For longer texts, the CraftPrint T02 has you covered. Print lengthy content seamlessly, ensuring your ideas come to life.
  • Print from the Web: Capture online pages and import URLs to print custom web content. Chronicle your social life and online inspirations effortlessly.
  • Toolbox of Possibilities: Unleash your creativity further with features like banner printing and a ruler function, offering a complete package for your unique projects.
  • OCR Magic: Scan texts and convert them into digital versions. Edit and print your edited content as you desire.
  • Artistic Graphics: Discover an array of stunning graphics, both in design and numbers. Experience the delight of adding captivating visuals to your printouts.
  • Complete Learning Hub: Access tutorial videos, user manuals, and Q&A in the profile section. Maximize your crafting potential with comprehensive resources.

Please Note: The CraftPrint T02 exclusively prints in black and white.


  • Printing Type: Thermal
  • Connectivity: Wireless
  • Printing Format: Self-adhesive Stickers
  • Color: Black and White
  • Functions: Printing, Scanning, Template Access, Text Printing, Web Printing, OCR, Graphics
  • Size: Pocket-friendly

Experience the boundless world of creative printing with the CraftPrint T02. Transform ordinary moments into extraordinary memories, infusing your projects and journals with a personalized touch. Say hello to an elevated level of crafting and journaling today.



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